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Using iPads and Other Cutting Edge Technology to Strengthen Your Instruction


Your Guide to Finding and Using the Best Web Sites, Apps and Innovations in Your Classroom

Even if you have just one mobile device (iPod®, iPad®, Tablet, Smart Phone) in your classroom, discover how to provide fabulous learning opportunities for your students. This simple and easy guide provides valuable tips for finding, downloading and using the latest and best apps to compliment your curriculum. Every single web site, app and cross-platform innovation in this book has been researched, downloaded, and tested to save you time and energy. This book will help you stay current with the technology that is shaping the future of effective instruction to reach all students, including students with special needs, autism, learning disabilities as well as English language learners.

Author and internationally recognized presenter Susan Fitzell will walk you through each step of incorporating technology into your classroom, from how and why to do it, to the specific web site and app analysis for different applications including:

• Apps that support student and teacher organization
• Accessibility apps for students with language and functional disabilities
• The best note-taking apps
• Apps that support using visuals to reach all learners — non-linguistic representation
• Using music, video and other teaching strategies with a new tech-twist
• Exceptional apps for English, Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies
• Apps for higher level thinking