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100+ Tech Ideas for Teaching English and Language Arts


By integrating iPads® and other cutting-edge technology into your English classroom or Language Arts lessons, you can draw students deeper into the curriculum.

Even if you have just one mobile device in your classroom, discover how to provide fabulous learning opportunities for your students.

Every single web app and cross-platform innovation in this book has been researched, downloaded, and tested to save your time and energy. This book will help you stay current with the technology that is shaping the future of effective instruction to reach all students in the multi-ability classroom.

Author and internationally recognized presenter Susan Fitzell will walk you through each step of incorporating apps into your lesson plan, from how and why to use different apps, to the specific web site and app analysis for different applications including:

  • How the iPad ® can be transformed into a personal learning studio, serving as an English lab, research station, literacy tool, and much more!
  • Classroom-proven strategies to encourage and promote problem solving and high order thinking skills for all students.
  • Techniques to boost student inquiry and research skills through the use of iPad ® apps that make English come alive.
  • Dynamic strategies that help students think and work like professional authors and researchers.
  • Dozens of ideas on how to best use the iPad ® to make your English classes more interactive and engaging.
  • Project-based activities and lessons to match learning styles for any number of students.
  • So much more!!