Powerful Strategies to Motivate and Boost the Success of Your Struggling Learners - Teacher In-service Book Study Course


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Course Number​ - XIZ-2020
Author/Proctor​ - Susan Fitzell, M.Ed., CSP

Course Description​ : Educators today increasingly face the challenge of meeting the diverse needs of a student population ranging from honors level to special needs. How can we best motivate, support, and boost the academic success of struggling learners?

Susan Fitzell share a wealth of classroom-proven approaches that can work with any student and in any secondary content area. The focus is on practical, easy-to-incorporate strategies designed to accelerate the academic success of struggling
students, including unmotivated learners.

Course Objectives​: participants will be able to:

  • Describe self-regulation and personalized learning
  • Describe both direct and indirect ways to engage and motivate students (self-regulation of motivation and affect)
  • Explain and specify current tools for students to remember & recall information
  • Describe the role that varied cognitive elaboration strategies have in effective lesson planning for multi-level classes
  • Demonstrate how to develop technology-based activities to integrate into lesson plans to boost student success
  • Describe how to help students of multi-level abilities with reading, writing, and research, while still maintaining rigor
  • Identify and choose from ready-to-use strategies that boost academic success for the students
  • Demonstrate a minimum of ten promising cognitive strategies to meet the needs of multi-level students

Course Requirements​ :

  • Verification of study completion - applicant will provide copies of all Chapter Review and Discussion Questions.
  • Identify at least 5 teaching strategies that will work well, for you and your students, in your classroom. Consider your student demographics, classroom layout, and the unique aspects of the subjects you teach or support.
  • Write a 3-5 page reflection paper discussing:
    • The strategies that you chose
    • Why you chose those strategies (address the considerations outlined above) and what benefits you expect to see from using them
    • How you will adapt them for your particular teaching situation

All submissions should be in APA format.

Successful completion of the course is determined based on:

  • the completeness and thoughtfulness of Chapter Review and Discussion Questions.
  • how thoroughly the applicant addresses the requirements of the reflection paper.

Upon completion, the applicant will receive a certification letter confirming that they have completed 16 course hours that may be applied to their state’s teacher license renewal requirements.*

Course Includes​ :

  • A hardcopy version of the course material, including the textbook, ​ Special Needs in the General Classroom - 500+ Strategies for Differentiating Instruction
  • Unlimited email access to Susan Fitzell for 120 days
  • VIP access to supplementary materials that support the course

*It is the responsibility of the applicant to determine if course hours can be applied to their state’s teacher license renewal requirements.