The How of Co-teaching and Collaboration - 1 Day PD Program

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The How of Co-teaching and Collaboration - 1 day program, July 17, 2020  11:30am - 6:30pm Eastern time.

I'm offering you this chance to join me for the premiere session of this program, at a drastically reduced rate.  All I ask from you is this:

  1. Be sure that you, or whomever you send to the program, wants to be there! We’re going to focus on the positive, so don’t waste your money sending those who don’t want to co-teach!
  2. Attendees must agree to be present and engaged throughout the entire program to receive license certification. 
  3. Attendees must agree to keep their cameras on and be visible and interact during the training.
  4. Attendees must agree to provide me with a thoughtful and thorough review after the program - so I know what to tweak for the next time!
  5. Attendees must sign a release allowing me to use the session recordings for promotional purposes or resale. 
  6. Understand that the session recordings will not be available for free after the event. 

That’s it!  

In exchange for your attention and support, you will receive:

  • A copy of my best selling teacher resource, Best Practices in Co-teaching and Collaboration - the HOW of Implementing the Models
  • Access to my co-teaching audio course - for you and those you train!
  • Membership in a closed FB group, as a founding member. This is a forum for licensed trainers and those who train, or manage, co-teachers - free access (value of $499, annually)

I present programs much like this for seminar companies that charge as much as $500 per person!

Our price for this two-day program - after this premier event - will be $349 per person.

Your cost, for this virtual event, is only $199!

Seating for this event is limited, so register today!