Memorization and Test Taking Strategies in the Differentiated, Inclusive, & RTI Classroom (DVD training program)
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Memorization and Test Taking Strategies in the Differentiated, Inclusive, & RTI Classroom (DVD training program)

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Professional Learning Video Series
Featuring Susan Fitzell M. Ed.

This professional learning video series is designed to make student performance pop by teaching educators how to dramatically improve the memory skills of students as well as their critical thinking skills. These are best practice, research-based strategies to motivate and engage your learners. With the ever-rising expectations for our schools, you need all the resources you can get to stay ahead.

This video course was developed to work as a perfect supplement to Common Core, RTI, or the differentiation curriculum you already employ. Presented by sought-after national speaker and experienced education consultant Susan Fitzell, M.Ed., CSP this video series reveals the intricacies of student memory and its extreme importance in learning.

Going beyond the theoretical, this course helps to improve student’s reading, arithmetic, and writing skills. Perhaps most importantly, the course concludes with vital test-taking skills for students. This set includes 2 training DVD’s and 10 participant manuals. We recommend that all participants receive a manual.

Full day or multi-session professional learning!

Four part presentation series includes a 2 DVD set and 1 resource book with facilitator instructions.
Part 1: Short Term Memory (39:55)
Part 2: Working Memory (30:37)
Part 3: Long Term Memory (1:12:24)
Part 4: Test Taking Strategies (27:40)

How to use this series:

  1. Present a five hour in-service training (three hours of video plus 90 minutes of activities and two 15 minute breaks).
  2. Include a one hour lesson planning session to incorporate what’s been learned and create a six hour workshop day.
  3. Present three to four after school or early release day trainings.
  4. Allow teachers to work the DVD program independently or in small groups at their own pace
  5. A perfect, and affordable, option for those responsible for their own certification training

Running time: Approximately 4 hours total

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