Co-teaching and Collaboration Professional Development Kit

Co-teaching and Collaboration Professional Development Kit

Professional Development Kit, Co-teaching and Collaboration in the Classroom
By Susan Fitzell, M.Ed., CSP

Take your co-teaching “Up a level” with professional development that you can apply immediately!


The goal of any co-teaching situation is to reach more student learning styles. This course succeeds at offering practical options for doing so.

  • Discover strategies to work through personality differences between educators that can obstruct successful collaboration.
  • Learn how to set up Fitzell Acceleration Centers that address the needs of a variety of students without singling out any one particular group and allow you to realize a more motivated, accomplished, and well-behaved class.
  • Explore the benefits and challenges of each co-teaching model as well as how to choose which model to use.
  • Consider suggestions on how to incorporate differentiated instruction into the co-teach model.
  • Use our record-keeping chart templates are provided along with helpful follow-up questions to activities and conflict resolution scripts.

Susan Fitzell, M.Ed., CSP has taught thousands of educators how to maximize their success in the classroom through her seminars and coaching. Now her best-selling book and acclaimed co-teaching resource, Best Practices in Co-teaching & Collaboration, The HOW of Co-teaching - Implementing the Models, is now available as a complete staff or individual professional development resource.

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