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Please Help Me With My Homework!


Doing homework has never been this fun! If you are a parent or guardian, this book will shed valuable light on the reasons why learning strategies that work for one student might not work for another.

Through developing a better understanding of the many ways in which we learn, you and your child will take an important step toward creating an educational environment that can include everyone, regardless of the area in which his or her natural abilities may lie. Looking for answers? This book is a veritable goldmine of practical information, resources and tools for the parents and caregivers of students of any age and is chock-full of illustrations, examples and innovative techniques, including:

  • Customizing learning activities according to multiple intelligences and the student’s personal learning style.
  • Establishing the ideal environment in which to focus on homework tasks.
  • Simple exercises for fortifying the connection between mind and body and increasing mental alertness.
  • A plethora of memorization techniques, based on the particular type of stimulus to which the student most responds.
  • Practical suggestions to aid students in methodically approaching their writing assignments and increasing their comprehension in reading assignments.
  • Resources for organizing the seemingly unruly amount of paperwork and learning implements that confront any student.

Available in English OR Spanish